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LED Light Therapy has been around for over 30 years! There are thousands of clinical studies on LED Light Therapy and MANY conditions. LED Light Therapy is an all natural, non invasive, FDA CLEARED technology that increases circulation and reduces pain, muscle stiffness and muscle tightness. Circulation is something that diminishes as we age, which is why we see so many related health issues such as neuropathy, heart disease, and of course any kind of pain, whether acute or chronic. Applying red light therapy immediately helps release healing substances and can dramatically improve these conditions.

I (PJ Cardona) am a Certified LED Light Therapist and an advocate for all natural healing. Whether it's through meeting one on one for a light therapy session or speaking at an educational seminar, it is my passion to help people understand how light therapy can be a game changer and help you live a better, more active life!

There are many options for using Light Therapy: Come in for a complimentary session in our Fountain Hills Studio, and if you like it, you can book more sessions. Also, we have a rental program than allows you to take the lights home so you can do them every day, even up to three times a day (which really can expedite healing). Finally, if you choose, these Class II Medical Systems can be purchased for the home so you and the entire family can enjoy light therapy on a daily basis.

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  • All Natural Pain Relief
  • LED Light Therapy
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Red and near infrared for neck pain
  LED Light Therapy for brain health
Feet and leg (Neuropathy) and red light therapy
Knee pain and red light therapy
Light therapy isn't just for humans...
Shoulder pain and red light therapy
Carpal Tunnel and red light therapy
Many different pads and wavelengths for optimal healing

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